Thursday night’s game between the Indianapolis Colts and Tennessee Titans will have severe repercussions for the loser. Should the Colts fall, they will be two games behind the Titans in the AFC South. If the Titans lose, their advantage in the AFC South will disappear.

With what is at stake, both teams will undoubtedly bring their ‘A’ games. Oddsmakers have made the Titans a two-point favorite in the game. But if that is too close of a spread for you to feel comfortable betting, there are several other ways you can bet on the game at

  • 11/12 Colts @ Titans
    • Over 6.5 Punts in Colts @ Titans -130
    • Under 6.5 Punts in Colts @ Titans +100

In eight games, the Titans have punted 28 times or an average of 3.5 punts a game. The Colts have only punted 23 times for an average right under three a game (2.9). The Colts are forcing an average of 4.4 punts a game and the Titans 3.4.

There is a chance the Colts defense shuts down the Titans and forces them to punt more. Take the over.

  • 11/12 Colts @ Titans
    • Colts To Score On Their First And Last Possession +350

Tennessee’s defense is not too challenging. Should Philip Rivers get off to a hot start, it will not be hard to see the Colts scoring on their opening drive. If Tennessee keeps it close, they may need to score last to get the win—or they could score in garbage time.

But if they are leading, they will not be as concerned about scoring on their final drive. The Colts may be satisfied with taking time off the clock.

This one is tempting, but there are too many things that could go wrong. Pass on this one.

  • 11/12 Colts @ Titans
    • Derrick Henry To Have More Carries Than Colts Points +140

Indianapolis is averaging 26 points a game; Henry is averaging right around 23 carries a game. With how well the Colts have played the run this season, it is unlikely the Titans hand the ball off to Henry even 20 times a game.

The Colts offense will undoubtedly score more than 20 points. Pass on this one, too.

  • 11/12 Colts @ Titans
    • Colts To Win And Both Philip Rivers And Ryan Tannehill To Get 3+ Passing Touchdowns +2500

Tennessee is favored, but just by two. So, it is not hard to imagine the Colts winning this one. If they do, there is an excellent chance Philip Rivers will need to have a good day. With how the team seems to be leaning more on the pass of late, it is not hard to see him throwing three or more touchdowns.

Tannehill has thrown for three or more touchdowns in three games this season but has just had two in each of his last three games. However, the Titans may be more apt to score throwing the ball with the Colts run defense being so tough.

This one is unlikely, but it could happen. The long odds certainly make it tempting. Go ahead and take it, but do not bet much more than your latte money for a couple of days.


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