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Basically all of the operators in the early days of Indiana sports betting were US-based companies. Australia’s PointsBet was the first international operator to launch a mobile app. That went live on March 6, 2020, right before sports abruptly stopped as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The unfortunate timing for PointsBet may have stunted the growth of the app, but by providing something that no other sportsbook can provide is sure to allow PointsBet to carve out its own niche in the Indiana sports betting race.

The innovative PointsBetting system is just one of many ways that the game has been changed based on the influence from the Land Down Under. PointsBet has made a commitment to increasing its marketing reach ever since it made Indiana its third state of operation. With roots in Iowa and some partnerships with pro teams in Michigan, it looks like PointsBet has targeted the Midwest as its primary market.

And that’s plenty okay with us because Indiana is better for having PointsBet in the state. This creative way of bookmaking is going to keep others honest and competition is never a bad thing for the consumer.

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PointsBet – The Home of Props?

To call PointsBet a novelty sportsbook sounds like a negative, but it really isn’t. All sportsbooks are focused on spreads, totals, and money lines because the bulk of the action comes in on those types of bets. PointsBet has those offerings and has fair and competitive lines with those, but this isn’t a sportsbook that just worries about coloring between the lines, if you’ll pardon the pun.

PointsBet has a ton of prop betting lines, namely for the NBA and the NFL. Some of this spawns from their cornerstone PointsBetting system, which allows bettors to embrace a high-risk, high-reward style of betting. Instead of just betting $100 on a side or total and winning or losing, PointsBetting means that you bet $100 on a side or total and you can multiply your winnings. If you bet over 200 in an NBA game and 220 points are scored, you actually win 20 times your bet amount!

The downside risk is that you could bet over 200 in an NBA game and that game winds up with 185 points. If that is the case, you lose 15 times your bet amount! There is a ton of risk in betting with this style of bookmaking, but there is a lot of risk for the sportsbook as well. You have to appreciate a place that is willing to take chances the way that PointsBet is. And bettors do appreciate that and that is why they are willing to take those risks themselves.

PointsBetting is an extension of the prop betting market for PointsBet, which is really robust for the pro leagues. Fixed odds betting remains the industry standard, but the more dynamic form of wagering is at the heart of what PointsBet wants to do by changing the industry.

Unfortunately, where PointsBet comes up short is that there are not a lot of options when it comes to a sport like college basketball. Only the premier games or the big games in mid-major conferences will be lined in those prop markets in most instances and some games won’t be lined at all. Teasers are also not allowed for football or basketball.

Give and take. That’s how it goes. PointsBet has a lot to give, though, and this really is a sportsbook that will give you a lot of betting options when used in tandem with another sportsbook or when used on its own.

Download, Sign-Up, Deposit, & Withdrawal

These are all pretty similar concepts and therefore are easy to group together. Apple (iOS) users won’t have any issues getting set up. You can go to the website or download the PointsBet app from the Apple Store. Unfortunately, Android users have a couple extra steps in the process. The Google Play Store restricts the posting of gambling apps, so you’ll have to download it from the PointsBet website. Of course, you can also just sign up while you are there.

Sign-up is a breeze. The same personal information you get asked pretty much everywhere will be asked of you when you go to create an account. Because Indiana lawmakers made a good decision, remote registration is allowed in Indiana. That means that you can sign up from anywhere. Other states made the mistake of doing in-person registration, but not Indiana. You can sign up from anywhere, but you can only bet when you are within the state borders. Geolocation technology will ensure that you are.

Deposit options are a tad limited for PointsBet relative to their competitors. Visa and Mastercard remain the two big ones, but electronic bank transfers are really only the other option that works for the majority of people. PointsBet does not have a retail sportsbook at the Hollywood Casino in Lawrence, so that is not an option.

Withdrawals are therefore pretty limited as well, but you can get a check or an electronic bank payment pretty effortlessly.

Perks, Promotions, and Bonuses

One of the coolest things about PointsBet is that they want to give you the opportunity to try out that revolutionary PointsBetting system, so their initial deposit bonus includes that chance to do that, along with a bonus for the traditional sportsbook.

PointsBet has also been something of an innovator with things like a Cash Out function that basically offers a “buyout” amount for your bet. They also offer a lot of different Odds Boosts on a daily and weekly basis depending on the sporting events that are in action.

They also offer things like goal and point insurance and are willing on a regular basis to increase the odds on the most popular sporting events or props. You will find a lot of different opportunities to make some free or easy to obtain additions to your bankroll.

Why Should I Sign Up for PointsBet Indiana?

Will PointsBet be your every day, go-to sportsbook? Maybe. Maybe not. But it will give you options. The PointsBetting system gives you the opportunity to really increase your reward if you feel like you have a strong handicap on a game. It is extremely important to know the risk that goes into that, but it can be very lucrative if you nail a game. For that reason alone, PointsBet is worth a try.

But that isn’t the only reason. This is a sportsbook that regularly pushes the envelope with promotions and bonuses and upgrades and enhancements. On a day-by-day basis, you don’t know what you are going to get, but it is sure to be a potential benefit for you. Having multiple accounts is paramount to having success as a bettor and making PointsBet one of those accounts is a great idea.

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