Activity as the NFL trade deadline approaches is often more rumor than substance—and the rumor mill has quite a few veterans on the block. As the NFL’s regular-season nears the halfway point, several teams could be interested in improving their roster for a deep playoff run.

If someone is going to buy, then someone else must sell. But it can be hard to know which rumors have substance and which ones do not. Bovada Sportsbook has posted odds for several players:

  • Will A.J. Green Be Traded Prior To The Trade Deadline?
    • Yes +350
    • No -600

Green has made it clear he is open to being traded. He is not a favorite of Joe Burrow and trading him would create more reps and opportunity for Tyler Boyd and Tee Higgins. After seeing them get rid of Carlos Dunlap so fast, it is not hard to imagine the Bengals finding someone interested in Green.

  • Will JJ Watt Be Traded Prior To The Trade Deadline?
    • Yes +750
    • No -2000

J.J. Watt may not be the force to be reckoned with that he once was, but he is an integral part of that team and beloved by the fans. The Texans would probably have a riot on their hands if they did try to trade him.

Romeo Crennel recently stated that no one is getting traded. While there is no reason to think he has any say in that, if they were to move anyone, J.J. Watt would be the last to go.

  • Will Julio Jones Be Traded Prior To The Trade Deadline?
    • Yes +1000
    • No -5000

When a team is struggling as bad as the Falcons have been and approaching a rebuild, it is natural to assume the team may try to dump veteran talent to accumulate draft picks. That is what got the rumors going about Julio Jones, but the team has stated it has no intention of trading him.

If they were, it would be more likely to occur closer to the draft, anyway.

  • Will Matt Ryan Be Traded Prior To The Trade Deadline?
    • Yes +750
    • No -2000

Like Jones, he is a veteran that could bring a few draft picks via trade. But the team is not ready to move onto another quarterback. Until they are, they have to keep their current one. However, like Jones, if they were to move him, they are more likely to do so around the draft.

  • Will Michael Thomas Be Traded Prior To The Trade Deadline?
    • Yes +1000
    • No -5000

If the Saints are going to get anything worthwhile out of Drew Brees in his final years, they need to keep Michael Thomas. He is by far the best wide receiver they have and one of the best in the league. There is no way he gets traded.

  • Will Ryan Fitzpatrick Be Traded Prior To The Trade Deadline?
    • Yes +500
    • No -900

There is no reason to trade Ryan Fitzpatrick. Dolphins head coach Brian Flores has said the team has no desire to trade him, and there isn’t any reason to doubt him. About the only team that may be interested in him anyway is the Dallas Cowboys.

But Fitzpatrick would probably prefer to sit on the bench for the Dolphins than play for that dumpster fire.

  • Will Alshon Jeffery Be Traded Prior To The Trade Deadline?
    • Yes +250
    • No -400

He has a long history of injury issues and has missed most of this season because of them. Factor that in with his limited production when healthy and expensive contract, and it is hard to see anyone other than Bill O’Brien trade for him.


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