Every team wants to win the Super Bowl, but the goal may be higher for some teams (or their fans). They do not just want to win the big game; they want to make history by going undefeated during the regular season.

Of course, doing so is easier said than done. Only two teams have accomplished the feat in league history. While it would not be easy to do, the oddsmakers at BetRivers.com do not seem to think it is improbable:

  • Any team to have a 16-0 record
    • Yes +1200
    • No -3335

According to the odds, there is just a 7.69 percent chance it could happen, and a 97.09 percent chance it will not. With three 13-3 teams and one 14-2 team last year, it does seem like there is a possibility one team could go undefeated.

But are the odds and potential payout enough to warrant the risk? If so, which team(s) could do it?  PointsBet.com has odds on several teams:

  • Team To Go 16-0 In Regular Season
    • Kansas City Chiefs +2500
    • Baltimore Ravens +2500
    • San Francisco 49ers +5000
    • New Orleans Saints +6600
    • Tampa Bay Buccaneers +8000
    • Dallas Cowboys +20000
    • Philadelphia Eagles +20000
    • Green Bay Packers +25000
    • New England Patriots +25000

Last season, the Patriots and 49ers made it the longest (8-0). With all the turnover in New England and several players opting out this season, the Patriots are unlikely to make it.

But the 49ers certainly have some potential. With their defense and run game and the potential in their passing game, they could make it happen if everything goes well. However, while their schedule isn’t daunting, they have a few tough games (2x versus Seattle and 1X against Dallas, Green Bay, and New Orleans).

It would be easier to get behind Green Bay if they had added a big-name wide receiver. But as is, Aaron Rodgers does not have much to work with. As for the Eagles, it would be wishful thinking in their case. Dallas has the potential on offense to make it happen, but it is hard to say what the defense is capable of at this point.

That leaves the Chiefs, Ravens, Saints, and Buccaneers.

Tampa Bay is likely on the list simply because Tom Brady is now on the roster. While he will likely take them to another level this season, that level will not include an undefeated regular season. The Saints are an intriguing team, but with how their offense completely stalled out twice last season, it is hard to have faith in them.

So—how should you bet?

If you really want to put money down on this, then take ‘no’ for whether it will happen. There are too many good teams in the league and too many variables that could impact a team’s shot. However, keep in mind that you will need to risk $3335 just to win $100. Is that something you want to do?

The odds of a team going undefeated don’t really make it worth the risk. Only two teams have ever done it, and the last time someone even came close was in 2015 (Panthers; started 14-0). But if you were to bet someone will then take the Baltimore Ravens over the Chiefs.

Lamar Jackson was still getting his feet under him when the Ravens lost two games inside the first month last season. But then they went on a 12-game streak. He should be better prepared this season (despite the lack of an offseason program or preseason).

All they have to do is get by the Chiefs.


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