The Indianapolis Colts were looking to make a run at the Super Bowl last year with a healthy Andrew Luck— but then he retired. Jacoby Brissett kept them from becoming roadkill, but he could not lead them to the playoffs. So, they got someone they think can—Philip Rivers.

So far, with a record of 5-2, the Colts are shaping up to be a playoff team. It is hard to say just how many games the Colts will win with a tough month ahead of them, which makes it hard to decide how to bet. However, at, there are several ways you can bet on how many games the Colts will win.

There is the traditional over/under win total bet:

  • Win Total—9.5
    • Over    -164
    • Under +135

With five wins under their belt already, they have to win at least five of their last nine to cover the over. They will get three of them from the Houston Texans (2x) and the Jacksonville Jaguars. With how they are playing now, they will likely be favored to get a fourth against the Las Vegas Raiders.

But it is a little harder to say where the fifth will come from. The Colts are just 1.5-point underdogs to the Ravens this week. If their run defense can slow down Lamar Jackson and the Ravens top-ranked run game, they will have a shot at stealing a win.

Should they lose, they will have two games against the Titans, still, along with a game against the Packers and Steelers. While it is hard to see them beating Green Bay or Pittsburgh, they should be able to get at least one against the Titans.

  • Exact Season Wins—Bands
    • 5-8         +600
    • 9-12      -1000
    • 13-16 +3500

It is probably safe to consider them a lock to win at least eight with five to their name already and games against the Texans (2x) and Jaguars. However, notching wins against the Ravens, Steelers, and Packers will not be easy. But they could get one or two more against the Titans.

Then there is also their game against the Raiders.

They are going to win more than eight; that much is safe to say. But can they get more than 12? It is possible but highly unlikely.

  • 2020—Regular Season Wins
    • Exactly 5 wins +10000
    • Exactly 6 wins   +5000
    • Exactly 7 wins   +2500
    • Exactly 8 wins  +900
    • Exactly 9 wins  +240
    • Exactly 10 wins +160
    • Exactly 11 wins +325
    • Exactly 12 wins +800
    • Exactly 13 wins +400
    • Exactly 14 wins +10000

Of their remaining games, they are a lock to get at least three wins (Texans and Jaguars) but will likely get at least four (Raiders). They will have a very good shot at two additional wins against the Titans. However, they are going to be underdogs to the Ravens, Packers, and Steelers.

On the low end, they will get nine, but on the high end, 13.

So—how should you bet?

Take the Colts to cover their over and to win between 9-12 games. As for their exact number of wins, if you are feeling pessimistic about the Colts, take nine. But there is a very real chance they get as many as 12 or 11.



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