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BetAmerica has been part of the fabric of betting in the United States for a long time. Online horse wagering has been around for decades and BetAmerica has been at the forefront. Owned by Churchill Downs, Inc., BetAmerica offers daily betting on more than 425 tracks and over 5,000 races per week for both horse racing and also greyhound wagering.

Since PASPA was overturned on May 14, 2018, however, horses are not the only betting focus at BetAmerica. This is now a full-fledged sportsbook taking wagers in several states, including Indiana. You no longer have to use BetAmerica for just wagering on the ponies at Indiana Grand or Belterra. Now you can use BetAmerica for all of your wagering needs.

With a long history of online wagering, including the use of betting apps, BetAmerica already had a market-ready product in place when the app launched in Indiana and in other jurisdictions, so users can bet with confidence knowing that any questions about reliability went out the window a long time ago.

Why should you sign up with BetAmerica? What does it offer that other sportsbooks don’t? How do I know it’s the right app for me? We’ll answer all of those questions for you.

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Picks, Pucks, and Ponies

All of the traditional sports betting markets that you are accustomed to seeing are right there in the BetAmerica app and on the BetAmerica website. Make no mistake, the roots of this gambling site are in horse racing and that will be featured prevalently each time you sign in and access your account, but there are a lot of handicapping guides and learning tools so that you can figure out what to do with betting on horses.

For others that just want to focus on sports, you can do that with BetAmerica, too. NFL, MLB, college football, college basketball, NBA, NHL, soccer, golf, tennis, MMA, and all of the other sports betting markets you would seek out with another operator are all listed in the menus on the app and website.

BetAmerica also has very fair odds. Unlike other sportsbooks that need to produce their margins from sports, BetAmerica’s revenue stream from horses is really strong and that can be a sport that has a high hold percentage for an operator. As such, you are going to find really reasonable odds at BetAmerica, including 10-cent lines on MLB up to -130 and 15-cent lines up to -160. Not many sportsbooks out there, legal or otherwise, are dealing dime lines on baseball. They are unwilling to carry low margins on sports. BetAmerica can be a little more player-friendly and aggressive with their pricing.

Handicapping 101

Think about a horse racing website. There are always tipsters and handicappers and helpful articles. BetAmerica has always had a strong desire to educate and assist bettors. They’ve carried that over to the sports betting side of things as well. They have plenty of “How-To” articles to aid in the betting process, including explanations of how to bet, the different bet types there are, what the odds mean, and how to explore the different sports betting markets.

Think about it. NFL, NBA, and the college versions of those two sports are predicated more on spread betting. Basically a handicap placed on one team to balance the odds. With MLB and NHL, money line wagering is the norm. You can still bet spreads and money lines with all of those sports markets, but BetAmerica easily allows users to differentiate between the different leagues and sports and how the betting strategies change.

You have to appreciate a sportsbook that is willing to help its users learn what they are doing. It could ultimately hurt their bottom line to have a more educated user base, but they remain committed to doing business the way that they always have.

Download, Sign-Up, Deposit, Withdrawal

The BetAmerica app has been around forever and is highly visible, so you can find it in the Apple Store or on the website if you are an Android user. Another benefit to BetAmerica is that horse wagering has been legal in the US since long before the Supreme Court decision on PASPA. As a result, a lot of deposit and withdrawal methods are available.

The usual suspects are on there, like Visa, Mastercard, bank wire, electronic bank transfer (ACH), PayNearMe, Neteller, eCash, and several others. The deposit methods will vary from state to state, but Indiana has been a very open state when it comes to all forms of sports betting and gambling, so you shouldn’t have any issues with deposits or withdrawals.

Additional Perks & Promos

Once again, those deep roots in the horse world mean a lot of different contests and handicapping pools are available to all users. You’ll also get entry into BetAmerica’s Wager Rewards program, which offers Extra Boosts, fee free deposits, and escalating benefits as you get into higher tiers of the program.

BetAmerica also has Super Odds bets on the regular with odds boosts. Mostly these are limited to $25 max wagers, but they are still a nice way to build up some additional bankroll resources.

Why Should I Sign Up for BetAmerica Indiana?

BetAmerica gets it and always has. They know how to take care of a remote clientele because they’ve been doing it for so long on the horse racing side. It was simple to seamlessly integrate the sportsbook into the racebook to give players a place where they can get their bets in on anything and everything.

The helpful handicapping guides are an excellent resource not provided by every sportsbook and the presence of the robust racebook means that BetAmerica can carry lower margins on the sports betting side, leading to better odds on sides, totals, and money lines than you will find on those games and events at other sportsbooks.

Bet where? BetAmerica.

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